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Nelson Mandela - quotes

1) "Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one armed with the hope that he will rise even in the end."
2) "It always seems impossible until it's done."
3) "Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again."
4) "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

“During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

“We used to sing and dance and fully enjoyed the perfect freedom we seemed to have far away from the old people. After supper we would listen enthralled to my mother and sometimes my aunt telling us stories, legends, myths and fables which have come down from countless generations, and all of which tended to stimulate the imagination and contained some valuable moral lesson. As I look back to those days I am inclined to believe that the type of life I led at my home, my experiences in the veld where we worked and played together in groups, introduced me at an early age to the ideas of collective effort.”

“We have not taken the final step of our journey, but the first step on a longer and even more difficult road.”

It is never my custom to use words lightly. If twenty-seven years in prison have done anything to us, it was to use the silence of solitude to make us understand how precious words are and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die.

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

tengok pada kata kata beliau . apa yang beliau kata , itu lah sebenarnya yang beliau pernah lalui . belajar dari situ ..

Nelson Mandela I

There were bells on the hill , but I never saw them ringing . 
NO I NEVER saw them at all till there was you .. 

assalamualaikum . 

idola  kita paling utama of course Rasulullah S.A.W kan ? tak ada yang dapat mendahului . tapi , mesti ada idola yang ke-3 ke -4 ke-5 sampai 100+++ kan ? . list sendiri la . 

apa yang kita buat dengan idola? hmm, kalau aku , tampal je gambar idola tuh dalam bilik sampai aku muak tengok hari hari lepas tu buang , cari idola lain . haha, habis aku kena kejar dengan Taylor Swift nanti sebab buang gambar dia . biasanya .. kita akan cari inspirasi melalui idola kita ? kan kan . contoh , kalau idola kita pakai spect Ray Ban , mesti besok kau p cari kat Down town spect Ray Ban pastu pakai g pasar malam . class ! 

contohi sikap dia  of course .. cara hidup dia , ambil semangat daripada dia . belajar cara hidup dia . sebab tu , kalau nak cari idola , cara yang berjaya macam k-pop contohnya . berjaya mencapai ke-famous-an di tahap antarabangsa . tapi , aku bukan salah seorang peminat mereka . kecuali Gary running man . hahaha, 

Nelson Mandela 
President (non-U.S.)WriterCivil Rights Activist (1918–2013)

aku sangat (70%) admire Nelson Mandela . kenapa  ? hmm, kalau kita tengok president yang lain . semua terdiri daripada golongan bangsawan  yang memang dah ada nama .tapi , Nelson Mandela adalah salah seorang contoh orang berjaya yang bermula daripada bawah . let's check his biography ..

Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa in 1994, serving until 1999. A symbol of global peacemaking, he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993.

  • Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918, in Mveso, Transkei, South Africa. 
  • Becoming actively involved in the anti-apartheid movement in his 20s, Mandela joined the African National Congress in 1942. For 20 years, he directed a campaign of peaceful, nonviolent defiance against the South African government and its racist policies.
  •  In 1993, Mandela and South African President F.W. de Klerk were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to dismantle the country's apartheid system. 
  • In 1994, Mandela was inaugurated as South Africa's first black president.
  •  In 2009, Mandela's birthday (July 18) was declared "Mandela Day" to promote global peace and celebrate the South African leader's legacy. Mandela died at his home in Johannesburg on December 5, 2013, at age 95.

Early Life

Nelson Mandela was born Rolihlahla Mandela on July 18, 1918, in the tiny village of Mvezo, on the banks of the Mbashe River in Transkei, South Africa. 
Nelson Mandela's father, who was destined to be a chief, served as a counselor to tribal chiefs for several years, but lost both his title and fortune over a dispute with the local colonial magistrate. Mandela was only an infant at the time, and his father's loss of status forced his mother to move the family to Qunu, an even smaller village north of Mvezo. The village was nestled in a narrow grassy valley; there were no roads, only foot paths that linked the pastures where livestock grazed. The family lived in huts and ate a local harvest of maize, sorghum, pumpkin and beans, which was all they could afford. Water came from springs and streams and cooking was done outdoors. 
At the suggestion of one of his father's friends, Mandela was baptized in the Methodist Church. He went on to become the first in his family to attend school. As was custom at the time, and probably due to the bias of the British educational system in South Africa, Mandela's teacher told him that his new first name would be Nelson.
When Mandela was 9 years old, his father died of lung disease, causing his life to change dramatically. He was adopted by Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo, the acting regent of the Thembu people—a gesture done as a favor to Mandela's father, who, years earlier, had recommended Jongintaba be made chief. Mandela subsequently left the carefree life he knew in Qunu, fearing that he would never see his village again. He traveled by motorcar to Mqhekezweni, the provincial capital of Thembuland, to the chief's royal residence. Though he had not forgotten his beloved village of Qunu, he quickly adapted to the new, more sophisticated surroundings of Mqhekezweni.
Mandela was given the same status and responsibilities as the regent's two other children, his son and oldest child, Justice, and daughter Nomafu. Mandela took classes in a one-room school next to the palace, studying English, Xhosa, history and geography. It was during this period that Mandela developed an interest in African history, from elder chiefs who came to the Great Palace on official business. He learned how the African people had lived in relative peace until the coming of the white people. 
When Mandela was 16, it was time for him to partake in the traditional African circumcision ritual to mark his entrance into manhood. The ceremony of circumcision was not just a surgical procedure, but an elaborate ritual in preparation for manhood. In African tradition, an uncircumcised man cannot inherit his father's wealth, marry or officiate at tribal rituals. Mandela participated in the ceremony with 25 other boys. He welcomed the opportunity to partake in his people's customs and felt ready to make the transition from boyhood to manhood. His mood shifted during the proceedings, however, when Chief Meligqili, the main speaker at the ceremony, spoke sadly of the young men, explaining that they were enslaved in their own country. Because their land was controlled by white men, they would never have the power to govern themselves, the chief said. He went on to lament that the promise of the young men would be squandered as they struggled to make a living and perform mindless chores for white men. Mandela would later say that while the chief's words didn't make total sense to him at the time, they would eventually formulate his resolve for an independent South Africa.
From the time Mandela came under the guardianship of Regent Jongintaba, he was groomed to assume high office, not as a chief, but a counselor to one. As Thembu royalty, Mandela attended a Wesleyan mission school, the Clarkebury Boarding Institute and Wesleyan College, where, he would later state, he achieved academic success through "plain hard work." He also excelled at track and boxing. Mandela was initially mocked as a "country boy" by his Wesleyan classmates, but eventually became friends with several students, including Mathona, his first female friend.
In 1939, Mandela enrolled at the University College of Fort Hare, the only residential center of higher learning for blacks in South Africa at the time. Fort Hare was considered Africa's equivalent of the University of Oxford or Harvard University, drawing scholars from all parts of sub-Sahara Africa. In his first year at the university, Mandela took the required courses, but focused on Roman Dutch law to prepare for a career in civil service as an interpreter or clerk—regarded as the best profession that a black man could obtain at the time.
In his second year at Fort Hare, Mandela was elected to the Student Representative Council. For some time, students had been dissatisfied with the food and lack of power held by the SRC. During this election, a majority of students voted to boycott unless their demands were met. Aligning with the student majority, Mandela resigned from his position. Seeing this as an act of insubordination, the university's Dr. Kerr expelled Mandela for the rest of the year and gave him an ultimatum: He could return to the school if he agreed to serve on the SRC. When Mandela returned home, the regent was furious, telling him unequivocally that he would have to recant his decision and go back to school in the fall.

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see you in a bit 2k15

assalamualaikum .

2015 treat me well . permulaan yang baik , alhamdulillah . tapi , satu masalah 2015 ni . kenapa masa berlalu cepat sangat ? sangat penat aku nak kejar . and seems like I have to accept this no matter what . aku kena commit dengan semua perkara . ahhh ! aku bukan robot mahupun computer mahupun transformers yang boleh buat semua perkara dalam masa yang singkat . I wish I could to ...

so , apabila masa menjadi masalah sekarang . aku perlu kurangkan aktiviti bodo yang selalu aku buat T,T menda menda bodo tu la hobi aku .. lukis mata realistik , termenung , berangan .. haha , tetiba teringat spongebob ! aktiviti aku takde la sebodo spongebob dengan patrick hokay .

dok ape . mungkin aku masih boleh lakukan time weekends .. dan mungkin juga termasuk dengan tulis blog ? entah . sayang gila aku nak stop exercise jari kat keyboard , mesti nanti jari aku gemuk sebab lama tak exercise .

so ya . gtg . have a nice day .

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Doa .

Assalamualaikum muslim semua .

Semenjak ni hati aku rasa berbolak balik . Macam kadang kadang kena , kadang kadang tak kena . Sakit apakah itu ?

Daripada eksperimen aku . ( Hamboi curlass ) masalah hati berpunca daripada syaitan / iblis  /  jin . Kadang kadang syaitan berbisik di telinga , kadang kadang menghasut di hati , kadang kadang mengaburi mata kita . Sampai kita hilang petunjuk Allah S.W.T . Itu yang dia mahu .

Kita juga , manusia . Makhluk Allah S.W.T yang lemah . Kadang kadang iman kita tak kukuh . Sedangkan , ahli ulama pun boleh tersasar , inikan kita yang kadang kadang seminggu sekali je baca Al Quran .

Sampai kita ada perkara yang nak diminta . Baru lah kita terdetik nak dilekatkan diri dengan Allah . Dengan harapan , bila kita dilekatkan diri dengan Allah S.W.T , Allah S.W.T akan makbulkan doa kita . KAU INGAT ALLAH TAK TAHU APA YANG TERLINTAS KAT HATI KAU TUH ? Hah ? Tapi .. yalah aku cakap dah, sesungguhnya manusia adalah makhluk yang lemah. Kadang kadang , aku pun ada terbuat .

Tapi kita tak tahu . Doa kita diterima atau tak . Dan yang kau tahu , bila benda jadi tak macam yang kau doakan . Nak bebal satu malaysia .. kalau boleh nak bagi tempias kat sempadan Indonesia pun kena BEBAL kau tuh. Padahal , kau tak tahu apa yang menyebabkan doa kau tak dimakbulkan .

2 sebab :

1. Allah tak makbulkan doa kau tuh sebab ada perancangan yang jauh lagi baik untuk masa depan . Allah S.W.T Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu .

2 . Ada sesuatu yang tak kena dengan doa kau .

(KAU tu means kita , wealls , aku , Minah , Salleh and refer to all people )

And you have to read this . Baru kita tahu di mana silap kita .


But no matter how hard you supplicate, your duas just don’t seem to get answered. And you have no idea why.

Let me first put your mind at ease by letting you know that Allah hears everything you say, and He knows everything you desire. But look at the last part of that verse. Allah commands us to respond to Him and Believe in Him.

Are you doing that? Have you responded to Allah and His messenger (peace be upon him)? Is your belief (imaan) complete?

Perhaps you’re lacking in a few areas. Or perhaps it’s something even deeper than that. Let’s look at a few reasons that might be holding your duas up.

1. You Aren’t Doing Your Part.

This might be the most obvious problem. You want Allah to give you this and give you that, but you aren’t giving Him anything in return.

-You’re not praying regularly.
-You’re not fasting during Ramadan.
-You’re not paying your Zakah (obligatory charity).

I’m sure you understand that Allah punishes us for the wrong we do. That punishment is not just in the hereafter; it can also happen in this life. Neglecting the 5 pillars of Islam is sinful and will earn Allah’s punishment.

2. You Are Impatient.

You just couldn’t wait could you? You asked Allah for something over and over again, and when you didn’t get it when you wanted it, you got impatient.

And so you gave up. You stopped asking and started believing that Allah wasn’t going to answer your dua. And then you went and told someone that Allah didn’t answer your prayers.

Your knowledge is limited. But Allah’s knowledge is unlimited. You might think you want something right now, but Allah knows better when it is right to give it to you. But since you became impatient, and said the wrong thing and stopped making dua, you lost out on everything.

3. You Ask For Something Evil.

Why would anyone ask Allah for something bad? Is that what you did? Did you ask Allah for something that would bring you sin?

Did you ask Him to give you a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Did you ask Him to to give you a Riba-based loan so you could buy a house or car?

Did you ask Him to bring you income from a job that sells pork or alcohol?

Well if you did, now you know why He didn’t answer your supplication.

4. You Don’t Think You’re Gonna Get It.

Impossible and possible is all in your mind. Just because you don’t think it can happen, doesn’t mean it won’t. And it certainly doesn’t mean Allah can’t make it happen.

Don’t make half-hearted duas. Make your duas with confidence that Allah will grant them. Especially if you’re asking for something good and beneficial.

Abu Huraira reported: “None of you should say, ‘O Allah, forgive me if You wish, (or) O Allah, have mercy on me if you wish.’ Rather you should be firm in your request, for (Allah does whatever He wishes) and no one can force Him to do otherwise.”

5. You Are Involved In Too Much Evil.

“O people, Allah is Good and He, therefore, accepts only that which is good. And Allah commanded the believers as He commanded the Messengers by saying, ‘O Messengers, eat of the good things, and do good deeds; verily I am aware of what you do,’ (23.51) and He said: ‘O those who believe, eat of the good things that We gave you’.” (2.172) The Prophet (peace be upon him) then made mention of a person who travels widely, his hair disheveled, and covered with dust. “He lifts his hands and makes supplication, ‘O Lord, O Lord,’ but his diet is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, and his clothes are unlawful, and his nourishment is unlawful. How then can his supplication be accepted?“
Narrated in Muslim.

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Need to upgrade our mind .

Assalamualaikum world .

Aku rasa masih sempat untuk aku ucapkan Happy New Year ! I wish , tahun ini aku lebih menjadi manusia pada dasar dan agama ( ayat cliche ) . Menjadi manusia kebanggaan ibu bapa dan negara , Ehem . Dan InsyaAllah aku akan tunaikan janji aku 2tahun lepas dengan jayanya .

Tahun baru bagi aku . Semuanya perlu diperbaharui. Baru lah namanya ' BARU ' . Macam aku cakap suatu ketika dahulu , kalau aku kaya , alas kaki pun aku nak tukar setiap tahun mengikut kriteria dan ciri ciri yang ditetapkan.  Tapi.. Disebabkan aku tunggu anak raja tak sampai sampai . Jadi , aku pakai je lah alas kaki awal tahun lepas yang sudah dicuci menggunakan Softlan perisa rose .

Sebab tahun baru ni macam bermula nya catatan dalam buku yang baru dan masih putih suci . Walaupun memang kalau dikira logiknya , tahun baru ke tahun tengah ke tahun paling hujung ke , bila manusia nak berubah tetap boleh berubah .

Dan kita tak nampak pun yang tahun baru tu ada gerbang dimana kita yang berada di kawasan 2014 , bila selangkah melepasi gerbang yang cantik bertulis 'HAPPY NEW YEAR ' , automatik dunia berubah menjadi 2015 yang kat kawasan tu ada butterfly , ada bukit bukau , ada jambatan untuk menuju ke istana Prince Charming aku ^^ . kat situ dah disediakan hamba hamba yang berbaris untuk jemput aku sambil tabur bunga rafelsia kat aku . Hee ~ dalam tu ada swimming pool dan bawah kolam tu adalah istana prince charming aku . Imaginasi nya begini , ada satu swimming pool Dan di tengah tengah tu ada pemisah kaca dan ada tangga yang boleh turun ke istana bawah tanah . Hiks ! Gempak beb .

Tapi secara saintifik nya , tahun baru hanyalah perubahan masa dan satu ayat yang bertujuan untuk menyuntik semangat semua orang supaya menanam azam untuk berjaya . Jadi lebih bersemangat lah kiranya .

Rutin tetap sama . Hari ini 31 Dis 2014 kau makan , mandi , tidur.  Bangun keesokkannya 1 January 2015 kau tetap kena mandi , masih bersarapan dan perlukan tidur yang cukup . Jadi apa bezanya ?

Bezanya , semangat itu lain .

Hmm . Aku pernah impikan hidup yang sempurna . Bangun pagi , breakfast dah tersedia tepi meja , baju dah iron untuk keluar shopping , air suam dah isi dalam bathtub . Dan aku akan ke shopping mall naik Dimora Natalia SLS 2 . Aku jalan kat taman ada bodyguard pegang beg aku , payungkan aku , bawak semua maggie , lolipop , sneak , choki choki , mamee  , supering .

Tapi aku rasa tak perlu kut semua tuh . sangat tak bebas untuk bergerak . I'm satisfied with who I am . Cuma kita perlu otak yang telah diservis dan diletakkan minyak pelincir Shell .

Macam biasa . Dunia berubah , adat berubah , tempat berubah , manusia berubah . And also .. pemikiran perlu berubah .

Bercakap tentang pentingnya otak . Aku pernah jumpa someone yang kurang cerdik tapi mampu mencapai tahap jutawan . Siapa nak bantah sekarang ? 

Selain daripada kuasa Allah S.W.T  , berfikir adalah salah satu jalan untuk berjaya .

Orang yang digelar pandai ini tak semestinya yang hanya pandai dalam akademik.  Tapi pandai ni kadang kadang diklasifikasikan sebagai pandai berfikir .

Contohnya someone tadi . Dia berjaya bukan sebab dia pandai ( aku cakap tadi sebab dia tak tergolong dalam golongan yang bijak ) tapi sebab dia berfikir . Macam mana nak keluar daripada kepompong kehidupan dia sekarang ? Apa yang perlu dia buat untuk cari makan ? Think ! Sebab itu yang akan keluarkan dia daripada kehidupan yang mana sekarang dia rasa dah tak ada apa apa sebab dia tak bijak . Well , nenek moyang atau mak ayah kita selalu cakap , tak pandai belajar , tak akan kemana . Ya betul itu.  Tapi ni kes lain makcik .

Dan sebab dia berfikir lah dia jumpa satu cabang yang akan bahagiakan dia . Walaupun dia tak pandai , tapi dia berfikir untuk berjaya . 

Contoh lainnya pula , someone yang bijak . Tapi keadaan akan jadi sama dengan yang tak bijak tadi kalau dia tak berfikir.  Macam mana nak kekalkan kebijaksanaan dia . Macam mana nak survive masa . Macam mana nak balance aktiviti dia . Dia tetap akan jatuh .

Pemikiran . Perlu di upgrade .

Pemikiran 2014  tak boleh sama dengan 2015 sebab semakin meningkat tahun , semakin matang seseorang itu.