Sunday, 30 October 2016

29 Oct

There's a time when you feel so upset.
Upset for things you cannot own it.
Upset with life's challange.
Upset with yourself..

There's a time you're so weak. 
You scared.

Then when someone comes.
And throw your burden away.
Walk with you until you pass the challange.
Gives you strength.
Defends you.

That's how friendship works in your life. 

Thank you stars 
I won't forget 
How your owner being so kind 
Like I'm a part of the stars in the sky. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

A little happiness


A little happiness comes
It comes 
Make things easier  
Everything looks fine 
Like this life is a perfect way to live. 
Like there's only a feeling left here
Nothing to worry
Everything will be fine as I am now
I would say..
A little love brings a little happiness 
And I use this little happiness to draw my life 
With a new feeling.

Let me live this 30 days left.