Sunday, 11 June 2017



Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims :)

These few months, I always have a sort of insecurity on my mind. It disturbs in anytime and anywhere.. I'm sick of that.

One thing that always be a woman's problem ; insecurities and overthinking

I never can imagine of losing someone in my life.

That's what I'm afraid the most!

Back then, I once had a thought about ''One day I will no longer can live without my parent''
And after that, it broke my heart badly. So many thing comes into my mind. I feel totally terrible!  Yep. That might happens anytime. But I will never ready of it.

Losing someone that you love is really heartbreaking. I had never been taught about ''how to let your beloved one go''. 

It might take years to move on. I know myself well, I might be strong for other tests from Allah SWT but not for 'losing someone'. I'm really weak at this point.

But on the other half, to keep someone that no longer loves you is heartbreaking too. Both are hurting..

Please, this piece of heart is very fragile.. 

My heart isn't a thing that can easily change. It's not too cheap for this. All this while, I have been protect this heart from being played by anyone. Because, when I fall, it will be a serious thing to be cared about.

Allah.. my heart isn't strong as my physically are...

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