Saturday, 8 July 2017

Almost finish my high school. Yay or nay ?


Hello, it's me again :)

I write quite a lot though these days.. Okay la kan, it's a part of memory.

I'm so proud to tell you that...



ehem ehem..

it's a 8th day of my lifeless-no handphone-period.

OK I should highlight the lifeless word..
like this:

it's a 8th day of my lifeless-no handphone-period

oyeahhh! I did it babe!!! No ones ever know that I've been suffering since day 1 I off my phone. I'm so so so done guys..

However.. I got enough sleep hehehe. So my life goes like this, pagi-study. break 1hour- tidur. tengah hari- tengok cerita P.Ramlee at Astro Prima. Petang-study. Malam-study-tidur.

For the first time in my life, I watch classic movie - P.Ramlee in my free time. Awwwhh shoo cute.. I watched Keluarga 69, hahahahahah bapak kawin dengan anak tiri P.Ramlee. P.Ramlee kawin dengan mak mertua bapak dia. Then, driver kawin dengan janda bapak P.Ramlee. HAHAHA SERIOUSLY I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW THEIR LIFE WOULD BE.

Then, I watched Tiga Abdul and many more..

OK Let's back to the topic.

Just now, I do a bit research about Matrikulasi. (I almost apply that thing, but they need my blood type. So, I need to check at hospital first. I'm so confident that my blood type is B because my dad's is O, my mom's is B. But.. When I checked WikiHow.. I'm in A's characteristic.. So... yeah.. check jelah)

Then, I checked the places. Somewhere in Melaka and Negeri Sembilan. And I found a few pictures that touched my heart (I'm a sentimental person kann , ehehe)

So, I was like,

''Betul ke aku dah nak habis sekolah.. hermm''

''Nanti mesti rindu sekolah, kelas, semua orang lah''

In school, everything can be done together. Means, at class you can discuss the homework. Doing presentation bodo bodo je (especially when you are so nervous and just say stupid things hahaha). Then class itself gives an aura. Where as you have a class teacher, class monitor, the students.

For me, OF COURSE I will miss my friends.. As I'm a class monitor, so I have to handle 26 students in class.. Eceyyyy takde maknanya handle, aku jerit "Oiiii, masuk kelas la!", no ones hear hahahah then I pass to Siva. Maybe they hear me sometimes because I'm a girl, not a stepmother of 5 Utarid. So, they respect me, '' Ok la kesian izzati, kita diam la jap" .. But then, dorg bising balik..

The hardest part is bila kena suruh dorg bertugas, Allah... Redha je la..

Then, when we all ask forgiveness from Puan Atiqah at serambi, because we didn't finish our essay. I can feel the love. hehehe. It's a memory anyway..

gambar takde kena mengana hahahaha

As a friend pula, I love my current friends especially Wonderpets (group name ok hahaha).

From left is Syahirah, Ramisya, Aishah ( tudung pink terlindung tu), Sofia, Hanani, Wala, and Athirah (she took the picture)
I'm so annoying this picture. Smh.... it was 2015 anyway.. hahahah

(nanti aku post lagi gambar kelas ye)

So, for upcoming years.. It's time to be independent.. No more school student life.. school bag, textbook, assembly etc.. :')

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