Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Old times


Last year was very meaningful to me.. I still remember the old times of us.. 
When I met him, my heart beat very damn fast! It hits my chest and I feel like it's going to jump out of my body.. I am little bit shorter than him, I even can't see his face properly. So, when we accidentally jumped to each other, I just look at his OLD SHOES. I miss that feeling though......... ugh.. 

I remember the last day we have school ( before he starts SPM and I got a short break ) I was finding him around the school.

 I've promised to him "Ok. For the last time, I will try to smile if I see you tomorrow"

But regrettably my mission failed.. no chance izzati.. ugh..

Ok lah.. I walk downstairs with Ramisya.. I'm frust!! hmm..

But then, suddenly he pop out nowhere in front of me. And I was like '' Mak aihh!!" 
(he actually came from Surau)

Seriously, I was shocked! And all the nervousness symptom came.. I can't help it lah, I was too shy, too nervous.. Ermm, well that makes me special.. ahaks!

As I promised, I try to smile to him. Nicely gitteww.. 
But, i can't move my legs hahahahaha. Every muscle started to cramp meh..

Then,, he smiled and continue walking.. ( that's how we communicate hahahahahahahahaha. lame kan ?)

Ehh tapi, senyum senyum je pun aku dah rasa kejung satu badan kay!

I miss those moments by the way.. I miss how my heart beating fast. I miss how my face turns all red when everyone teasing me.. My friend once told me this : '' Asal kau jumpa aku je, muka masam. Tapi kalau jumpa dia, pipi bukan main merah lagi, senyum sampai telinga.. kena panggil kau Humaira lah"

Yep.. I was very happy at that time..

Compared to this year.. it's totally different and hurts me so much. I just focus on study and sometimes live in memories I guess ? 

Imagine you're here works a bit actually.. :')

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